GDOES spectrometer from Spectruma®

Do you trust your surfaces?


We have the solution! Choose GDOES for precise analysis of elemental compositions and layer thicknesses in solid materials.

  1. Elemental Analysis
    Unleash the full potential of your analysis capabilities: Accurate, comprehensive, and versatile.
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  2. Depth Profile Analysis
    Unravel the nature of your samples: Precise depth profiles for comprehensive insights into matter.
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  3. Layer Thickness Analysis
    Enhance the quality of your materials layer by layer - with GDOES from Spectruma®.
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For over 40 years, Spectruma® has been at the forefront of manufacturing and developing high-tech instrumentation for elemental analysis. Our exceptionally powerful method, glow discharge optical emission spectrometry (GD-OES), enables precise bulk analysis of almost all elements, including H, C, N, and O. Simultaneously, it provides the highest depth resolution for depth profile analysis of surface layers.


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