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Research with GDOES

Intensive research in semiconductor technology and energy storage systems has driven the rapid development of electrical engineering. Semiconductors serve as the fundamental material for essential components like transistors and integrated circuits. Precise knowledge of the concentration profile, penetration depth of impurity atoms, and layer thicknesses is essential for semiconductor production and processing. Lithium-ion accumulators (LIAs) have become the most popular power sources for portable electronic devices due to their lightweight, high energy density, and extended discharge time. Investigating the passivation layer, also known as the solid electrolyte interface (SEI), formed during charge/discharge cycling is of significant interest as it directly impacts the performance and durability of LIAs. Therefore, accurate analysis of the SEI and electrode layer thickness and chemical composition holds great importance.

Glow discharge spectrometers from Spectruma® offer the possibility to simultaneously analyze concentration profiles, chemical compositions, and layer thicknesses.

  1. Precise and powerful detection of hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium.

  2. Extremely sensitive measurements with detection limits in the range of 0.1 to 10 ppm

  3. Precise measurement of layer thicknesses from a few nanometers up to several hundred micrometers

  4. Relative depth resolution is 5-10% of the absolute depth reached in all near-surface layers

  5. Determination of trace amounts with detection limits between 0.1 and 10 ppm
  6. Programmable software detects desired conditions, such as concentration limits or layer thicknesses

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