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The Spectruma GDA series offers a wide range of application possibilities, allowing you to combine multiple analytical methods in a single instrument and save time and money. With our GDOES spectrometers, you can obtain highly accurate results, ensuring the quality of your materials and components. Below are some examples of successful analysis procedures performed with our system.

Highest level of accuracy

Measurement of the thickness of ultrathin layers/thin films and determination of the weight of layers.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates and complex bulk materials.

GDOES - The first choice for precise analysis of elemental compositions and layer thicknesses of solid materials.

  1. Elemental Analysis
    Unleash the full potential of your analysis capabilities: Accurate, comprehensive, and versatile.
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  2. Depth Profile Analysis
    Unravel the nature of your samples: Precise depth profiles for comprehensive insights into matter.
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  3. Layer Thickness Analysis
    Enhance the quality of your materials layer by layer - with GDOES from Spectruma®.
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In-depth insights of material surfaces

using GDOES

The graphic depicts the depth profile of a coated brass sample, which was analyzed by GDOES.

The excerpt shows a bulk measurement on a low-alloy steel sample. It provides the percentages of various elements such as Fe, C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, and Ni. Additionally, the mean, standard deviation, and relative standard deviation are presented in percentages.

The displayed graphic depicts the depth profile of a curved sample, which was measured using the universal sample unit. Our devices measure both conductive and non-conductive layers, covering a wide range of applications.

The graphic aside shows the depth profile of a CIGS solar cell. The performed measurement via GDOES displays the layers of CdS/ZnO on CIGS on glass. In comparison to measurements conducted using REM, the results prove to be more precise and accurate.

The displayed graphic portrays the depth profile of a nitrocarburized sample, with the nitrogen-rich layer measuring a thickness of 7.8 μm. The precise depth profile analysis conducted through GDOES accurately discerns layer interfaces, thereby providing essential insights into the material's structural composition.

In the refinement of solid materials, as in the case of the presented depth profile of a galvanized metal sample using GDOES, the layer thickness and composition can be thoroughly examined.

The presented graphic depicts the depth profile of a nickel-plated copper sample, which was measured using GDOES. This method allows for a detailed depiction of the layer thickness and composition of the nickel coating.

Our devices precisely and reliably analyze materials for homogeneity, composition, and purity, meeting the highest standards of our customers.

  1. Precise measurements of coatings in the nanometer to micrometer range

  2. High sensitivity with detection limits ranging from 0.1 to 10 ppm

  3. Determination of all elements of the periodic table, including H, Li, Na, K, C, N, P, S, and O

  4. Relative depth resolution of 5-10% of the absolute depth reached in near-surface layers

  5. Control over all process steps to ensure homogeneous composition and purity of phases
  6. User-defined tables for various calculations, such as peak positions, concentrations, and GGI/CGI values

The GDA range

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