Element analysis

Do you want to gain a comprehensive insight into the chemical composition of your materials, optimise your processes and ensure the quality of your products? With GDOES from Spectruma® you can accurately analyse concentration profiles, penetration depths and layer thicknesses of the elements of interest. This opens up a wide range of applications and significant benefits for your operations. For instance, you can monitor and optimise the incorporation of impurity atoms in semiconductor devices such as transistors, resulting in improved electrical properties. Deviations in the chemical composition of electrode materials or the presence of impurities can significantly affect battery performance. Using our instruments, you can perform in-depth investigations of lithium-ion batteries, including the passivation layer (SEI) and the underlying electrodes. In addition, our technology enables detailed analysis of concentration profiles and layer thicknesses of introduced elements in graphene batteries, leading to improved performance and reliability. Rely on Spectruma® glow discharge spectrometers for comprehensive analytical characterisation in the development and quality assurance of your electronic components and energy storage systems. Reach new heights in understanding and improving your materials and products with our cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today!

Highest level of accuracy

Our technology allows for the precise measurement of ultrathin layer and thin film thicknesses, as well as the accurate determination of layer weights.

Bulk analyis

Our technology enables the precise measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates, and complex bulk materials.

With the high-precision glow discharge spectrometers of the Spectruma® instrument series GDA you have the following possibilities at your disposal:

  1. Precise measurement of all elements of the periodic table, including H, Li, Na, C, N, P, and O
  2. Detection limits from 0.1 to 10 ppm, allowing determination of even trace amounts
  3. Fast measurements within a few minutes, without the need for prior sample preparation
  4. Relative depth resolution of 5-10% of the depth reached in near-surface layers
  5. User-friendly interface with programmable software that automatically detects desired conditions
  6. Versatile applications for both in-process control and scientific research

The GDA range

Infinite possibilities –
Unravel the mysteries of science.