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550 HR

Brief description

The GDA 550 HR is a cutting-edge high-end spectrometer, meticulously engineered to precisely analyze conductive samples. With its advanced technology, it delivers accurate measurements and offers detailed insights into the composition of your samples, setting a new standard for analytical precision and performance.

Highest level of accuracy

Precise measurement of ultrathin layer/thin film thickness and accurate determination of layer weight.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates and complex bulk materials.

GDA 550 HR

The GDA 550 HR glow discharge spectrometer is a highly sensitive, high-performance instrument that surpasses the most stringent standards for determining the chemical composition of surfaces and coatings. With its photomultiplier tubes (PMT) enabling evaluation of over 60 element channels, this spectrometer is the ideal choice for demanding applications requiring flexibility, exceptional resolution, and analytical precision. Additionally, the optional high-resolution Spectruma® CCD optics further enhance the GDA 550 HR's analytical capabilities to unparalleled levels, enabling the incorporation of nearly limitless elemental channels into your analytical methods. Moreover, the GDA 550 HR is compatible with all electrically conductive matrices.

The GDA 550 HR is a versatile spectrometer suitable for various applications, from heat treatment and galvanizing to intricate multilayer systems. Its PMTs enable rapid data acquisition, even detecting layers below 100 nm thickness.

Key Features of GDA 550 HR

  1. Measurements up to a depth of 200 μm.

  2. Highly linear calibration curves.

  3. Rapid data acquisition for depth profiles.

  4. Comprehensive metal and metal alloy content analysis.

  5. Capable of analyzing non-conductive samples like ceramics, glass, and paint coatings.

  6. Exceptional detection limits for almost all elements.

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