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650 HR

Brief description

The GDA 650 HR is a robust GDOES spectrometer built for both quality control and research purposes. Engineered to tackle demanding tasks 24/7, it boasts easy maintenance. This high-performance instrument allows precise analysis of both electrically conductive and non-conductive samples, providing valuable insights into material elemental composition and layer thickness.

Highest level of accuracy

Precise measurement of ultrathin layer/thin film thickness and accurate determination of layer weight.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates and complex bulk materials.

GDA 650 HR

The GDA 650 HR glow discharge spectrometer utilizes cutting-edge CCD technology, offering the perfect combination of exceptional resolution and sensitivity. Its direct light path ensures minimal transmission losses, guaranteeing the best detection limits for precise analysis. This makes it an ideal choice for customers seeking both accuracy and versatility. To prevent contamination from hydrocarbons, the GDA 650 HR is equipped with a scroll pump. Additionally, the standard equipment of the GDA 650 HR includes a high-frequency glow discharge source, enabling the analysis of electrically non-conductive samples. As with all our instrument types, the GDA 650 HR offers a wide range of additional options, further enhancing its capabilities to meet diverse analytical needs.

With its user-friendly interface, the GDA 650 HR ensures simple operation, while its rapid analysis time allows for swift intervention in the production process to correct any errors.

Areas of application

  1. Surface testing based on diffusion processes.

  2. Depth profile analyses in manufacturing environments.

  3. Examination of coating processes.

  4. Analysis of hard coatings.

  5. Evaluation of zinc coatings.

  6. Versatility in channel selection.

  7. Measurement of curved and unusually shaped samples.

  8. Comprehensive spectrum evaluation.
  9. Seamless expansion of analytical methods.

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