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The Depth Measuring System, abbreviated as DMS, is a cutting-edge innovation from Spectruma®. It represents a significant advancement in interferometric technology, enabling the continuous real-time measurement of sample removal and resulting depth during material analysis processes. Spectruma®'s DMS utilizes the capabilities of coherent laser light, where light waves maintain a fixed phase relationship. In the measurement process, laser light is precisely directed onto the sample's focal point and subsequently reflected. As the material is progressively removed during the analysis, it creates varying optical path lengths, resulting in a phase shift between the light waves. This phase shift, in turn, triggers interference phenomena within the laser crystal, employing a method known as self-mixing interferometry (abbreviated as SMI). These interference effects occur when the light waves are recombined within the system. The Depth Measuring System (DMS) incorporates a highly sensitive sensor that captures and tracks changes in intensity, enabling the provision of a precise real-time depth profile analysis throughout the measurement process. What distinguishes the DMS is its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing analysis equipment or be readily incorporated into new devices, offering enhanced capabilities for material analysis and depth measurement.

Through the use of advanced interference techniques, the DMS enables precise real-time depth measurements during the analysis.


  1. Direct depth measurement: Monitoring of material removal in real-time.
  2. Various anode diameters: 8mm, 4mm.
  3. Modern interference technique: Precise and reliable measurements.
  4. Wide depth range: Layer thicknesses from 50 nm to 200 μm.
  5. Easy integration: Seamless adaptation to existing devices.