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High resolution
CCD optics

Brief description

The high-resolution CCD optics, developed by Spectruma®, serve as an alternative to the proven photomultiplier optics. Utilizing a Paschen-Runge setup optimized for CCD detectors with a focal length of 400 mm, these optics offer a wavelength range of 120 to 670 nm in the direct light path or 200 to 800 nm when transmitted through optical fibers. With a resolving power well below 20 pm, the high-resolution CCD optics provide exceptional flexibility in simultaneously acquiring available element lines during analysis. This grants operators the freedom to effortlessly extend their measuring line program whenever needed. Moreover, CCD technology is more compact, lighter, and does not require a high voltage supply.

With its nearly gapless readout spectrum, this high-resolution CCD optics achieve remarkable flexibility in the analytical performance, allowing for the simultaneous capture of available elemental lines.


  1. Automatically adjustable sensitivity of the CCD sensor
  2. Exceptional stability
  3. Virtually unlimited determination of chemical elements.
  4. Real-time and precise measurement and analysis of spectra