Configurations GDOES


Brief description

The monochromator with Czerny-Turner function, utilized by Spectruma®, boasts a 480 mm focal length and can be equipped with up to three different diffraction gratings. This setup allows for a spectral wavelength range from 200 nm to 900 nm. The inclusion of a special photomultiplier ensures optimal sensitivity across the entire wavelength range. The monochromator offers flexibility in exit and entrance slit selection, granting access to all contained spectral lines. It is fully integrated into the Spectruma® software WinGDOES, enabling recording of up to five additional element channels or entire spectra.

Enhance Precision and Resolution.


  1. Selective Spectral Resolution: Isolate Specific Wavelengths
  2. High Flexibility
  3. Reproducible Analysis of Emission Lines