Our Software

The operating program
for the GDA instrument series

The operating program for the GDA instrument series, WinGDOES, is a user-friendly software developed by Spectruma®. In the 5.x series, certain options have been omitted due to missing driver support for older spectrometers and components, resulting in simplifications. Nonetheless, the program includes numerous minor improvements and enhancements across all parts, as well as constant updates to support newly introduced or improved instrument components. The new version highlights the following key features.

WinGDOES 5.4

Our updated GDOES analysis software, WinGDOES 5.4, boasts a range of enhanced features that notably elevate the accuracy and efficiency of material sample analysis.

  1. Raw data filtering has been enhanced to include a weighted moving average, in addition to the simple moving average.
  2. Depth profile overlays are now more user-friendly, with improved handling of curve shifting, graph fitting, and channel selection.
  3. Inserting CCD channels close to 200 nm is now more convenient, as the calibration properties of the relevant chip are better accounted for.
  4. Type correction has been improved, with the option for a new normalization to 100% after type correction if needed. Additive type correction for trace area contents is also possible.
  5. Further improvements have been made for screens with high resolution.

WinGDOES 5.3

Installing WinGDOES 5.3 is a straightforward process, requiring minimal effort. Your existing data can be effortlessly imported and utilized without any compatibility issues.

  1. Improved compatibility with the latest device generations: The update includes faster device information readout, optimized CCD integration times for improved instruments, and increased readout speed of CCD spectra, enabling more data acquisition in less time.

  2. Avoidance of user errors: The software provides better identification of incompatible method settings and incorporates signal checking during calibration, recalibration, and average analysis measurements to automatically detect erroneous readings.

  3. Overlay functions: Users can define a custom color sequence for overlays.

  4. Easier to stay up-to-date: WinGDOES now features automatic online version checks at specified intervals, allowing users to download and update to the latest version effortlessly with a few clicks.