Deepen your knowledge

Expand your expertise in glow discharge spectroscopy through our comprehensive education programs. We offer both a basic seminar and an advanced seminar, designed to broaden and deepen your understanding and skills in using GDOES. With the guidance of our experienced and qualified instructors, you'll gain practical, application-oriented insights into various aspects of GDOES analysis.

For maximum convenience, we also provide online education courses, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your workplace. Benefit from interactive learning content and practical exercises that facilitate effective learning.

Visit our website to access a clear overview of the scheduled education program dates and a user-friendly registration form. Whether you prefer face-to-face or online education, registering for the courses you desire is quick and easy. We are excited to support your development in GDOES analysis and help you achieve your goals.


Join our Basic Seminar to explore:

Basic seminar

  1. Fundamental terms of GDOES and the structure of GDA.
  2. Sample preparation techniques.
  3. Degradation rate correction methods.
  4. Defect detection strategies.
  5. Determination of detection limits.
  6. Basic maintenance of the GDA instrument.

Join our Advanced Seminar to explore:

Advanced seminar

  1. Method creation and adaptation techniques.
  2. Understanding and minimizing the hydrogen effect.
  3. Working with the monochromator.
  4. QDP calibrations.